Andrew Feiler

Andrew was born in New York and has lived in Las Vegas for the past seventeen years. His career began as an assistant in a commercial photography studio.  Later, Andrew went on to pursue his interest in photography and filmmaking with director, Brett Ratner.

Andrew worked with Mr. Ratner, (Rush Hour, X-Men, Horrible Bosses), for three years on multiple projects including documentaries, music videos, and large format photography sessions. Andrew was offered the opportunity to attend the New York Film Academy on scholarship during his employment with Mr. Ratner and enthusiastically accepted the offer. Upon completion of the NYFA curriculum, Andrew was certain that he wanted to further expand his art education. He went on to receive his undergraduate degree at the State University of New York, Purchase College.

In July 2000, the native New Yorker made a life-changing decision to move to Las Vegas and start his family. He has three wonderful children and a beautiful wife. Andrew has pursued projects in painting, sculpting and photography on his journey as an artist.  Andrew has a keen eye and a unique ability to connect with and engage his subject matter. His technical ability is evident in every image he shares. His passion for nature permeates every image he captures. Recently interviewed for a Las Vegas publication, Andrew shared, “My goal is to create images of the natural world that are stunningly beautiful. I want people to be moved by what they see in my photographs, and I want them to also consider my subjects in a way they hadn’t previously.”

In January of 2017 Andrew was selected to present the first dual collection to ever be displayed at the Las Vegas History Museum, a Smithsonian affiliate. “Naturally Nevada” and “The Wild World” featured 14 pieces in the Andrew Feiler Studio wildlife collection .  In April of 2017 Andrew Feiler Studio was selected to have an exclusive collection of his work offered at Las Vegas’ Wynn Resort. The exclusive collection is currently available at The Home Store at Wynn Resort, Las Vegas.  

Most recently, Andrew has been traveling the world expanding his wildlife and landscape photography portfolio. He continues to search for subjects that inspire him to capture the beauty and elegance of the natural world. Keep an eye out for Andrew’s “Africa” collection to begin releases in January of 2018.